Friday, January 1, 2010

A New Year

It's always exciting to wake up to a loud banging sound, only to find that it's your father playing drums on the Rock Band. Signs of a good day. And then what's even more thrilling is to see this when you walk into the Media Room...

Yes, you are correct. He not only went downstairs and got a microphone stand, but he is determined to play drums while singing at the same time. Let me just show you how that turned out...

My friend Mary asked me to run in a half marathon with her at the end of January and for some reason I agreed. In my mind I was thinking oh, what the heck... if I can go 3.5 miles in 12 days then surely I can go 13 miles. All I have to do is keep going. Right? Wrong. Never did it occur to me that my body would shut down and say no deal after about mile 6. We're starting to think that maybe we are out of our minds. We may get to week four, attempt 13 miles, and realize that we were extremely crazy! However, we are running and training as if we're going to participate in this half-marathon at the end of the month. All that said, today we ran 5.5 miles - in one hour. I like to think that's highly impressive :) although my poor body was screaming why, Megan, why!!!

Dad joined us for the run today. He was singing You can't front on that, Say whatcha whatcha whatcha want, and many other humorous things. I was non-existent for the first mile and a half, then my breathing leveled out and I was good to go. We found our groove and were able to converse while finishing the last 2 or 3 miles. When we finished we stopped for a few minutes to stretch and when I started to walk again my legs were still in gear to run. It was as if my legs decided to take off at a very fast rate, while the upper half of my body stood firm. If you've never had that happen before it's definitely interesting! So here's to 13 miles in 29 days... and the amazing bonding time we'll have together! I wouldn't want to attempt (and possibly conquer) this with anyone else than my sweet Mary Carol!

Happy New Year!!!!

(Just in case you can't make out the video - Katie Jo and I are wishing you a Happy 2010!!)

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