Sunday, December 27, 2009

How To Tie A Scarf - 101

I'm just gonna go ahead and admit that my new favorite thing to wear this year is a scarf. Most of you have probably noticed if you live in the same town as me and see me on a regular basis. A few of my fellow employees and church friends have even asked how to tie a scarf because they own some, received one for Christmas, or want to buy one. But the dilemma is they don't know how to wear them properly without feeling like a super nerd or looking like a dork.
My favorite way to wear a scarf is to fold it in half with one side slightly longer than the other (having them completely equal just looks too put together), then wrapping that across the back of your neck and sticking it back through the hole where you folded it in half. Then you pull it up and tada!! So simple! (In the picture below you can see where I pulled it back through.)
And now that I took the time to tell you all of that, I found this video of Big Mama explaining four ways to wear a scarf. Her personal favorite is also the one I mentioned above! So if you are equally excited about a scarf and want to know some ways to tie them - click here to view her video!
Happy Scarfing!!!
(PS - Walmart has super cute scarfs for like 5 bucks! The End.)

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The Roberts Family said...

CUTE POST! I have been trying to get a hold of you all morning! Where are you?