Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thanksgiving Thoughts

Do you ever feel like certain memories get tucked away in some sort of safe and you forget they exist? Sometimes something triggers it and you remember it all over again.

The Thanksgiving holidays have already come and gone, but mom reminded me of something very special that we did on this day that i'd forgotten about throughout the years.

My aunt came up with this very fun idea for our family and I really like it! On the morning of Thanksgiving we went out into the yard, as the men cooked the turkey, and found things to create a centerpiece. Leaves, Acorns, Branches, Pinecones... Anything was game and everyone was involved (especially the kids and their creative lil' minds). You can put it on a tray with some candles, place all your gathered items in a clear vase, or even just spread your findings along the center of the table on top of (or as) your table runner. And anything else that comes to your mind. I'm all about free, fun, creative ideas and this one involves the entire family!

I wish I had a picture to post from that time, but that was before I ever dreamed of owning a digital camera.

Do you have any creative ideas, decorations, memories, or traditions that you do with your family on Thanksgiving?

Check out the Nester's center piece!!! How unique and simple... and such an interesting way to make a statement.

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