Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Biggest Fan

During high school football season my family likes to go to all the home games each Friday night. Notice I didn't say - I like to go... because that would be entirely false. My family likes to make fun of me because i'm probably the LEAST person interested in sports on the planet.

For example, while we were at one of the Maverick games this past Fall I leaned over to my sister and asked, "Will you go to the restroom with me at the end of this inning?" To which she quickly replied, "I'll go to the restroom with you at the end of this quarter." Oh yeah... that'll work too!

I do not own any Saints or Colts attire, but I do own plenty of black shirts and a pair of dark khaki/gold pants. They go perfectly with my black and gold tennis shoes! Sunday evening I made a grand entrance into the living room and announced, "I'm ready for the game! Go Saints!!!" And all I got in return was a room full of laughter.

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