Wednesday, February 24, 2010

He Loves Me

Last summer I picked up a book off the end of an aisle at a Christian bookstore because it caught my eye. It's not every day that I, Megan, recommend you go out and buy things, especially books, but this one is excellent. I feel as though the Lord has used this book to set me free and change my whole thought process. Maybe it's one of those times where everyone is already at "this place" where they've had this realization and i'm just arriving, but nevertheless I'm passing the title (and what it has spoken to me) on to you.

He Loves Me by Wayne Jacobsen

This book speaks about God, the one and only God, who loves us with an unconditional love. A love that is never ending and has nothing to do with what we've done. A love that cannot be earned, and isn't deserved. A love that does not change.

We've all heard it said many times that you cannot read enough, pray enough, help an elderly person enough for God to love you any more than He already does.... He just does. But have you truly let it sink in and change you. Because i'm convinced that you will not be the same when you finally understand that He just loves you. Exactly where you are.

Not because you get up everyday and read your bible. Not because you try hard enough. Not because you messed up big time yesterday and so today you're going to do everything you can to make up for it. That's typically how we do things - We fall down and completely mess things up, so we try extra hard to earn His love back.... when all along His feelings never changed.

He is love.

It's times like this when I really wish I could express to you all that this book has spoken to me, but I can't find the words. All I know is there have been so many times over the past few months when the message of this book has come to mind just when I needed it. And where guilt tried to crowd in... Love pushed it out.

He is love. He loves you.

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