Thursday, February 11, 2010

It's Snowing!

The kids were not interested in learning today so we spent majority of our time playing in the snow! I wish, legally, I was able to post some of their sweet pictures, but i'm just not. The look on their faces was priceless! Squeals. Screams. Smiles. Laughter. Snow.

These are the moments I live for. Letting kids be kids and act their age. Loving on some who desperately need it. And taking in their laughter.

What a beautiful day! God is so good!!!

Thank You for such a simple out of the ordinary day! I enjoy the moments when I get to show the kids that i'm not just "teacher"... i'm a friend who loves them, wants to spend time with them, and genuinely cares. A picture and reminder of what You long towards us as well. Relational beings... You knew we'd need it :)

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