Sunday, February 7, 2010

Saturday Evening

Saturday is our family night. It was never written in ink or stated to be such, but it's one of those known facts. I love those evenings! We needed to try on bridesmaid dresses at David's Bridal so we decided to make an afternoon out of the trip. Mom, Dad, Casie, and I loaded up the truck ready to tackle a new adventure!

But not before my dad pointed out the zit on my forehead.

Dad: "oh... you have a scab on your head."
Megan: "Thank you, I didn't realize it was there."


Why they feel the need to point out something that you clearly are aware of is mind-boggling. And I digress.

This is my first time to be in a wedding as a bridesmaid so this whole "trying on dresses" was a new deal for me. It was kind of awkward to be honest. You go in, tell them the name of the bride, they pull up the info on the dress, you tell them your size, they go get it, you try it on, and you're done. No need to look in the mirror to see if you approve. None of that business. It was very quick.

It was pretty funny to see my dad in a David's Bridal surrounded by tons of women. "Umm... is that all of the dress? It looks short.." Ha! Always there to make us laugh!

After that was done we called Brandon to let him know our dresses had been ordered and payed for. Check. He let us know that the only requirement for the shoes was that they be silver. To which my dad said, "Great. I have some spray paint in the shop." Help.

Next, we headed to Old Navy so that Casie could spend a gift card she got for Christmas. Then, last but not least, we settled in at Bass Pro for daddy! Usually I head straight for the comfy, camo recliners and rest until he is done.... this time I decided to wander through the women's section to see what I could find.


That's right. Pants on sale for $19. And they actually fit. I think Bass Pro is my new favorite store!

Lord, I thank You for my family. I love them so very much!

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Mandy said...

Fun times! My sis has picked the "Long with lovely neckline" as 1 of our 2 options for her upcoming wedding. They make such cute options now. Good to visit with you Sun. ;o) Have a great week!