Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Thankful - Music

There is this event on facebook called 30 Days of Thankful where people only post things of that which they are thankful for thirty days on their status. It's a perfect way to gear up for Thanksgiving and it definitely changes the mood from negative daily updates to positive posts.

Since i'm choosing to go to bed early tonight I figured i'd keep it short by doing the same here on the blog as well.

Today I am thankful for music.

Not only is music a huge part of my families life and creates a bond that even we ourselves will probably never understand, but it connects us with the Lord as well.

I am quickly learning what it means to be busy. I had a third grade teacher stop me in the hall and say, "Megan, it is impossible to do all that they are asking of you.... you'll eventually learn what you can throw out. And you'll shut your door, do your thing, and it'll be okay."

silent scream

I just want to scream sometimes because i'm so overwhelmed, but at the same time I have my moments when I think praise the Lord because the Megan a year and a half ago would have never been able to endure this. God is good!

To say that i'm experiencing what it means to be pulled in every direction would be an under statement. I'm pretty sure i've said it before, but i'm finding it more and more harder to be still, rest, and sit quiet in His presence.

My days are spent moving quickly from this subject to the next and keeping my kids engaged by always moving things together at all times that everything about my life is becoming quick. It is sooo hard to sit down and spend time in His word because the rest of me has been geared towards moving quickly all day. I don't like it.

I am so thankful for music for this very reason. When my mind is going 90 to nothing and i'm not sure how to gather my thoughts to form words that utter some form of help to my God, I can typically find a song that says what i'm feeling so well. Or even if i'm not sure what to say or what i'm feeling.

It is not only comforting to know that my God knows my needs before they are even on my lips, but that we have powerful worshipful songs to sing to Him when we may not have words otherwise.

Thank You, Lord, for music.... and all the many ways it effects my life.

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