Sunday, January 9, 2011

Family Fun

Singing with your family can sometimes be a tough task. It's like having a part-time job with the people you live with and see on a regular basis. But it's also a wonderful blessing and time of bonding.

We are doing a lot of rehearsing here the past few weeks to get ready for the Karen Peck and New River concert!

Behind the walls and comfort of our own home we can be quite the goofy little group! I just wanted to share with you all some of my favorite moments with my family!

There have been hand motions selected to help the madre remember her words - they might be detrimental to the memorization of my own solo, but we'll worry about that later. The padre has also put on his house slippers to make up dance moves. Favorite part,the moon walk. Or should i say... attempt.

These people truly make me laugh. I love them.

We are still so very excited about this opportunity to sing together as a family in a little different setting, but more than anything I pray that it be a testimony that He desires to do abundantly more for your life. He cares about the deepest desires of your heart and even all the small details.

Can't wait to enjoy those fun moments with my family! They are some so very fun people! :)

Thank you, Jesus, for my family! Thank you for allowing us to be together in this house and for the many moments that we have spent together - the good, the bad, the ugly and the funny! We say thank You again for the opportunity to use the special gift You have given us and we pray that it will truly be a testimony of Your generous love and desire of a FULL life for Your children.

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