Friday, January 28, 2011

Channeling my Inner Drummer

I found this video on youtube the other day and watched it about 50 times because I thought it was sooooo cool and fun and yes!! If you haven't clicked the link and watched the video it's of two girls who do this rhythmic routine with a cup and sing at the same time. Very neat!

My friend Cody challenged me to find a song to sing and do the cups at the same time. Alrighty, buddy.... deal!!!

My attempt at the challenge is no where near as entertaining as Lulu and the Lampshades video was, but this girl doesn't let a challenge pass her by.

There are a few disclaimers before you watch this video.

First - my family laughed and loved it, but for some reason they left me hanging when it was video time. Excuse me for dropping an octave to sing the verses.

Second - Ignore the fact that I totally can't make eye contact with a video camera and that I needed to lay in a tanning bed four months ago.

Third - Have you ever noticed how I look like I have a piece of candy stuck in my left cheek at all times?

Fourth - I secretly want to be a drummer.

Fifth - Say hi to mister snowman who is still hanging on the wall. I told you we linger a little longer in seasons in this household.

Hope this makes you laugh!!! :)

(How many of you learned the cup routine at youth camp? fun times!)


The Roberts Family said...

OH HOW I LOVE YOU!! this is too cute!
i love your serious expression! If you smiled once would you have burst into laughter?
Thanks for sharing...i may just pass this on to others! :)

~Kayla said...

UMMMMM...why haven't I heard about this sooner? You are soooo good! Love you sister!
p.s. I loved learning that at youth camp! (minus the awesome singing, you know I can't carry a tune!!)