Monday, January 10, 2011

New Kid On The Block

I'm trying to embrace family time, so I endured the Auburn vs. Oregon game tonight.

Okay... the madre gave me evil eyes when I tried to leave the room to go watch the Bachelor. Since "cute and obedient" is the way I like to do things, I sat my little hiney right back down.

If you know me at all, you know i'm not a sports fan. But since I was forced to watch the game I decided I must have a vote in who was going to win. Here were my thoughts....

Oregon's colors remind me of Baylor's yummy colors. They had my vote until they showed up with that bright yellow neon flourescent attire. Auburn is a cute name.... Goooooooo Auburn!

I don't even know who won. They might even still be playing. See, told you i'm not a sports person... I didn't last long, but that's because something more exciting was going on!!!

My friend Kayla has just decided to join the blogworld!!!! Yaaaaaaayyy!! I call her my high maintennance friend because she is wayyyy fun and talks just as dramatically as I do! She wrote her first entry tonight and I think you'll enjoy reading her thoughts!

Kayla, i'm so glad you joined bloggerville and I can't wait to read what the Lord has been teaching you! Love you sooooo much friend!!