Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

While mom is wrapping up dinner I figured I would post how we have spent our first day in twenty eleven.

I slept in until half the day was over. Literally. It was like noon. Mom sent a text that said, Are you waking up today or tomorrow... 2011 is rolling along.

We sat in the living room and watched too much tv for my dad's liking. He's ADD. No really, he finally made a list and went to the store.

As I was walking up the stairs to finally "get dressed" (which consisted of putting on nice looking sweat pants and a different shirt than the one I wore the previous day) it was as if my mother was speaking truth over me.

We will keep the house tidy.
We will hang our jackets.
We will keep the hair picked up off the bathroom floor.
We will keep the clothes off our bedroom floor.

So far - that plan of praying it over us is working well. And my bed is made yet again. Check with me tomorrow.

Around 5:30 (it felt like noon) some friends came over for a few hours and we danced until we started to sweat and stink. Then we rocked a little - rock band style.

And now it is time for our New Years Dinner - which is always delicious!

Hope your day was full of rest and random fun-ness as well! Happy one one one one!

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