Thursday, February 24, 2011

An Opportunity to Trust

If you've watched the news or been online or simply been alive I'm sure you have heard all about the protesting of teachers... all that jazz. Not reeeeeally sure where we are headed.

I won't pretend to understand or act like I could even explain to you what is going on. And I definitely don't have all the whys.

All I know is they are making all kinds of cuts due to a lack of funds.

We had our district wide meeting last Thursday so that our superintendent could fill us in on all the possible avenues that could be taken.

There aren't any definites yet. obviously.

Any teacher that has been teaching for three years or less is considered a probationary teacher. That's one of the possible cuts.

As I was leaving the meeting I decided to turn to the only One that was able to provide comfort and peace.

"You are still the same."

There is a lot of talk about what could possibly happen and many new teachers on my campus have stopped by my room to ask if I am worried about my job next year.

My response has been the same everytime: No, honestly, i'm not. And you shouldn't either. There is no point in worrying. If you truly believe that God is in control then that would include even this situation. That doesn't mean I know that I will have a job next year. I'm just choosing to rest in Him. He is good. And He will be the same no matter what happens.

The topic hasn't really even crossed my mind since we left the meeting. And it really doesn't unless the other teachers on campus bring it up. And worrying hasn't really been an option (which might shock some of you). Today has been the only day that i've really thought deep about it. You know the what ifs. But if is just an abbreviation for - I Fear.

It's easy to lay things down that are completely out of your control. Especially when they are still a few months away. But I'm going to take this opportunity to grow closer to my Lord.... to allow my faith to increase.

He has been with me throughout this entire journey and I know it's where I'm suppose to be right now.

So I choose to rest. in the name of Jesus.

And on that same note, tomorrow is my last observation from my Region 7 Supervisor! Crazy that it's finally here. And to think that I almost didn't start this journey because of this one thing - being observed.

Can we say insecure?

I didn't like the idea of someone watching me lead. There was no way. But God is good... and He is always up to more than we think or are aware of.

So I choose to trust. even in this situation.

He is good.

I worship You, Jesus. I know that it's easy to get lost in all the negativity that is going on in the education field and that living a life that is set apart can often fall down a few notches on our to do list.... but I desire to be set apart for You. Lead me and keep me aware of my actions, words, and everything else so that others may see You. Even in these hard times right now. I want You, Jesus. When our heart is following hard after You, it just pours over onto others. You are good. Praise Your name....


Meagan Joye said...

What a blessing that the Lord is using you to be a stronghold for others when they are worried. In reading this post, I just felt really hopeful because I know the Lord has been using you so much and if He has a different direction for your path, it will only be to go somewhere that He can use you more! I just know it.

Anonymous said...

I was so grateful to come across this post today. It is so easy to fall into fear about what comes next on this journey. It is nice to be reminded to rest in the only One who knows the plans for our lives.

Congratulations on reaching your last observation... that's quite an accomplishment!