Friday, February 4, 2011


Snow day, Snow day, Snow day!

This cold weather is so not my style, but believe it or not, I prayed for weather that would close the schools today. We won't get into the why's but Sommmmmebody heard my praaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayers!! (please sing that)

Okay, all silliness aside.

I sat down at my computer to check a few blogs as I waited for friends to get here to play in the snow... and I found this post. It made me cry and pray and even in the tiniest amount - dare to believe. Even if for a second.

And so I wanted to share the link with you guys.

Because if you are 23 (like me) and every single one of your friends is engaged, married, and even pregnant with their first child.... there are days when you wake up in a sappy mood.

You have heard me say it on here before and I do believe it and mean it - His timing is what I want and I do trust Him. But that doesn't mean there aren't days when my heart (and mind) are tempted to curl up and hurt.

And while i've learned to defeat that voice that says i'm not worthy enough or won't ever find love or will always have issues, there are still days when it is hard. I just think of it as learning to defeat the voice of impossible and choosing to have faith. Every struggle is worth something.

Wednesday night a woman sitting next to me in choir made a comment similar to - Meg, you gotta stop shuttin off or you gonna be an old granny one of these days.

And while I do trust the Lord and have made huge leaps when it comes to relationships (whether it be friendships or stepping out to go on a date) there are major fears when I think of dating. This week I had an interesting situation that brought up those feelings of what it was like to go through a "break up" and I thought ughhhhhhhhhhhh I don't miss dating.

So this post - Waiting For Lightning to Strike Twice; Risking it For Love spoke volumes to my terrified little heart.

And I just found it share-able. So enjoy!

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