Saturday, February 26, 2011

Feminar Follow-Up; Introduction

Well, Feminar Weekend has come and gone and my how wonderful it was!!!

Last February I attended Feminar for the very first time. It was the first time that I heard Lysa Terkeurst live and she became one of my all-time favorite speakers!!! When I found out she was going to be back again this year I was totally on board!

Click here for my thoughts from last year!

There were many different people who would take the stage this year -

The worship leaders were Philips, Craig, and Dean on Friday evening and then Laura Story on Saturday morning. While I enjoyed both, a river of tears poured out during the worship time on Saturday. It was overwhelming.

A comedian, Jeff Allen, started the evening off with, obviously, a little humor. This next statement will make me sound like a total goof-ball, but I don't like comedians. Well, I guess it's not that I don't like them... I just for some reason don't laugh during a comedians act; Not like the knee slappers next to me. It was nice to have a little support from the sister. We leaned our heads together and whispered, "I think i've laughed one time during his entire act" and then we busted out laughing at the fact that we weren't laughing.

Ooooh it's the unplanned humor that gets us girls! ha.

The speakers for the weekend were Lysa Terkeurst, Janet White and a new lady that i'd never heard before - Lori Salierno.

Before I get into the many things that the Lord spoke to my heart I wanted to simply set the scene and share the funny moments that graced our weekend. So let's start....

During our break on Friday evening mom and Case bought one of Lysa's books. We stood in line so we could meet her and have her sign the title page. We were pretty close to the front of the line so we didn't have to wait very long at all.

Since I'm a planner I had my words all thought through, my camera ready to go so I could get mom and Casie's picture with Lys (can I give her a nick name?), and i was alllll ready to meet her.

Mom hands the book to Lys, spells her name out and tells her that she has been following her blog since last year's feminar and absolutely enjoys her posts. (insert a picture of Meg leaning over to butt into the convo) "Speaking of blogs, are you in for real life friends with the Nester?"

Lysa responded with a smile and YES!

After I snapped the picture of the three of them Lysa asked if I wanted a picture. Since I really and truly did NOT want to hold up the line or cause a scene I said, "No, thanks! I'll be alright!" The sister grabbed the camera and demanded that I get a picture!

As I was walking away Lysa said, I'll let Nester know that she has a fan in Texas! To which I replied, Ok thanks!!

I mean, are you getting this?

When I got back to my seat I was like OH EM GEE.... you big idiot! Nothing like meeting Lysa Terkeurst face to face and saying - Hi, Lysa! You aren't crap, but do you know the Nester? And then to deny wanting a picture with her on top of the fact that I was the only one out of the three that didn't buy a book... which was obvious since I had nothing for her to sign.

I felt completely silly. Way to go, Meg!

When I got home I hopped on her blog and left a comment from the goof-ball at feminar in Texas. I let her know that I completely didn't mean to talk about someone ELSE when I was meeting her for the first time. Gosh.... leave it to me!

Even though I felt slightly insecure and silly, I did let it go and take in a lot of goodness from the weekend.

Check back later for some quotes and notes from Feminar!

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Meagan Joye said...

First of all, I was crying all through Saturday's worship too!

Second, I have a story similar to your Lysa story...
My wedding photographer, Esther, is the sister of Josh Havens who is the lead singer of The Afters. In April, before my wedding, I was in Nashville and went to an artist showcase. About 12 of the artists on INO records each played 2 or 3 songs. (That's where I saw Laura Story!) The Afters were the big final act. After the show, I was leaving and ran into Josh Havens. And I said, "OH, I just LOVE your sister! She's actually going to be my wedding photographer." And I went on and on about her pictures. As I was walking off, I realized I didn't say anything about him so I added, "Oh, and I enjoyed your show!" To which he replied, "Uhhh, we only played two songs..." I just quickly walked away.

Haha! We are so alike!