Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Specific, Powerful

Okay, i'm going to interupt my Feminar posts tonight... because this is my blog and i'm the boss here!! :) You know I stink when it comes to series or organized posts on this blog. Don't judge me!

If you know me at all, you know that I enjoy singing. As much as I enjoy the opportunities to sing at different places, the times when i'm alone with no one to impress are some of my most intimate moments. They are special to me.

One thing that grabs my heart is speaking words of a common worship song, or hymn, instead of singing them.

Singing is natural. Especially when you learn the rythym and routine of a song. It just starts to flow. And hear me out when I say there is nothing wrong with that. But there is also something about stopping that normal flow and routine, and speaking the words. Slowly speaking, listening, and believing.

Jesus, Jesus, there's just something about that name.
Master, Savior, like the fragrance after the rain.
Kings and kingdoms will all pass away,
but there's something about that name.

I once heard a worship leader end her prayer with these words - In the precious, powerful, specific name of Jesus Christ.

To this day I haven't forgotten those words and the truth in it. And honestly, I say it almost as a daily reminder to myself when I am feeling discouraged, hurt, anxious, scared, etc..

There are many moments in my daily life when I find myself speaking the name of Jesus outloud.

Specific. Powerful.

And you can think i'm weird, but it's as if I feel the peace and power coming out of my mouth as I say it.

All hail the power of Jesus' name....

There is something about hearing yourself say it that makes you listen. I mean it's not normal to talk outloud when it's just you in the room listening.

And so as odd and random and mixed up as this post may be, I challenge you to be different in your moments with the Lord. Why don't you simply turn everything off around you... stretch out your arms.... and then speak some worship songs to the Lord.

It may seem awkward at first, but I encourage you to stick it out. It's different. It's intimate.

...there is strength in the name of the Lord, there is power in the name of the Lord, there is hope in the name of the Lord...

I surrender all. I surrender all. All to Jesus, I surrender. Lord, I surrender all.

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Anonymous said...

Love you so much Megan!!! Thanks for sharing this and let me just say...I love the sounds of songs coming from you upsatairs at any given moment in time. It is beautiful music to my ears.
Wanted to share the song I am singing today. Jesus, Jesus, Lord to me, Master Savior, Prince of Peace, Ruler of my heart today, Jesus, Lord to me!

Love You,