Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Few S's

As I was walking to my classroom early Wednesday morning I passed two other teachers and overheard a lil' bit of their convo, "Yeah... a snake!!! Can't believe I found it in THERE!"

Insert a picture of nosey Meg halting abruptly.

"Umm.. Excuse me. I hate to butt in, but did you say a snake?"

"Yes! I found a snake in my teacher bag. When I got home to grade papers last night I saw it."

Apparently said teacher has those little rubber snakes in her treasure box and, typically, the boys select that at the end of the week if they've had a "good" week. At first, she thought one of her precious students was just being funny, but as she reached in to move a book the snake moved as well.

No bueno.

Did I mention that this teachers classroom was right next door to mine? That is a little too close for me. For where there is a baby, there is a momma... i'm just sayin'.

I was totally down for calling it a day and calling in the troops to find the rest of the fam. Appearently no one else felt the situation was as serious.

Thus, I taught the rest of the day with criss-crossed legs IN my lap, IN my chair.

Oh, the things I put up with at my work-place! :)

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