Saturday, March 19, 2011

Dare To Believe

...Running is our thing. You know, me and my dad.

He not only taught me to run, but taught me a life-long lesson through running.

"You are stronger than you think. You can push and dig deeper than you think. You may slow down, but don't you ever stop."

Isn't that true with life as well?

We believe the lies.

We don't think we are strong enough. We can't possibly push any harder, so we'll just stop altogether and sit here in self-pity while attempting to look like we have it together.

We believe the lies.

The lies that persuade us that impossible is where we will live.

"You can't do that. You will never be good enough."

The lies are much easier to believe.

Not only will it require a lot of faith from you, but the on-lookers watching us seem as though they are staring directly at us. Watching our every move.

Will they think i'm crazy for even attempting such a thing?

I'm convinced that we don't try because we are positive we are going to fail before we even start. So it's easier to just sit and do nothing than have someone see us in that weak place of failure. But for some of us the failure is just too much for us to bare within ourselves. We beat ourselves up sometimes more than others do.

And let me branch out for a second to say that sometimes even when we taste victory the enemy does everything in his power to diminish it. You just did your very best and no doubt it was awesome, but he still makes some of us believe that it wasn't good enough and that we are worthless. We have got to begin pushing the truth of Jesus into those places of worthlessness. As soon as we sense any piece of our being leaning towards believing that lie that we aren't enough... you believe His truth over any piece of that decieving lie.

Will I look like a fool for coming in last place?

To see a person accomplish something they never thought possible. To see someone not only exhort effort, but also faith, is beautiful. You are by no means a fool. And you are not running for anyone else, but yourself and the Lord. So take your eyes off the on-lookers and run for something deeper. If you are running for security or acceptance.... you've already lost. It's got to be more than just running. It's got to be something outside of yourself.

I dare you to believe. To move past the voice of impossible.

It will require faith. It will involve you dying to the opinions and acceptance of others. But it will be worth it.

In Jesus name...

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Karson said...

This is a wonderful post. Very encouraging for a teenager like me who is still very much struggling with believing in my own abilities and self worth. Something everyone struggles with. Thank you for showing your intense faith to the rest of us. God is definitely working in you and you've helped lift my spirits on many a bad day through your writing. I enjoy reading your posts all the time! God bless!