Sunday, March 13, 2011

Comfy Dresses

oh.... this week is just too much for me!

Mom and dad left Friday night heading out to the lake to camp. Thankfully we camp within 30 minutes of our house so it's easy to make trips back in if need be, but have you seen the price of gas these days?

My perfectionist brain is trying to plan out my week so that i'm wise when it comes to gas. It's not working out so well.

It's really a good thing that the sister and I always wait a few days after the 'rents head out because mom always calls with a list of things she's forgotten. It's inevitable. (totally not sure if that's spelled correctly)

So here I sit... waiting on mom to call and give us her list before we head out. Casie is walking around the house, as mom tells her through the phone, gathering things. It's just a tad bit overwhelming.

I know i'm dramatic, but just bare with me.

We got home from church and immediately started packing some things for the lake. One shoe bag, one clothing bag, one bathroom bag, one camera bag, a few (okay... a lot) of comfy dresses on hangers, one teacher bag full of papers to grade, one pillow and a purse later and i'm filling ready to pull my hair out.

I have too much stuff!

THERE... I SAID IT. (And as the sister said - you come with a lot of baggage.)

and thanks.

I have this entire week to do all the things that I have zero energy left to do when I get home from work. In honesty, I will drive myself insane doing nothing and i'll end up back home cleaning out my closet and bedroom. I just can't waste this week.

Therefore, i'm filling a little overwhelmed currently and I just needed to let it out.

I'll rest, I'll hang with friends, i'll run a 5k, i'll do some spring cleaning, and I may make a trip to see a friend....

the endless possibilities.

I found my second gray hair this morning and although it's slightly humorous it does make me a little crazy inside. So as I continued to fix my hair while freaking out that all the others were turning gray before my eyes I decided that i'm going to reeeeeeeeeally start to soak up and enjoy my current season of life.

I'm single. My hair is still naturally colored black (minus two gray hairs). My body is free of stretch marks from being with-child. And many more things.....

I don't say that to make any readers feel sad about their season - each season has its own blessings! I'm simply choosing to embrace the one i'm in! I encourage you to do the same!

Now i'm off... thank you for sticking it out with my over-dramatic words and random, non-flowing post.

Peace and Blessings and Comfy Dresses! :)

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