Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spring is a Comin'

Well, Spring Break has arrived!

After the very cold winter that we had I've officially decided my favorite season(s) are spring and summer. And hasn't the weather been gorgeous?

We wouldn't appreciate Spring if there wasn't a Winter!

Spring rushes in thoughts of many things...

Spring Cleaning.
Bright Colors.
Warmer days.
Cleaner Cars.

Oh, wait! Maybe that last one is just true for me.

When it's cold my car is packed full of jackets. I could clean it out every week and it'd still end up right back where it started. It's tragic. So therefore, Spring means a cleaner car for Meggerz!

Another favorite is opening the blinds to let the natural light in! Yes, please!

No big travel plans for the break. We are camping, hanging out with friends, resting, and then running our 5k on Saturday. Still a very exciting week! :)

A few things before I leave -

Kayla introduced me to one of her friends blogs today. I think you'll enjoy her - so click here.

Emily shared a link to Simple Mom (Tsh's) blog where she is doing a series called Project Simplify - click here. This week girls all over the world linked up to show there before and afters of de-cluttering their closets. Definitely some Spring Cleaning going on over there!

Other than that, have a FABulous week!

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