Monday, March 21, 2011

The Starting Line

Dad and I didn't just start running when I moved back in the middle of college. Actually, our running adventures started way back in the sixth grade.

My PE coach made all of us try out during class one day for the annual Field Day events that were coming up in a few weeks. The results that day would determine who got to compete against all the other Marshall schools.

I don't remember setting out to win that race that day. I honestly can't even recall how hard I was pushing or even if I wanted to race on the big day. I don't even remember what I felt or thought when I did, indeed, place at my school.

What I do remember is a father who practiced with me in the backyard. Not only did he have more knowledge in this area, but he believed that I was capable. I trusted his wisdom. And honestly, it amazes me to this day that as a very young girl I decided to go with his coaching rather than run with my friends that day.

You see, my dad told me that all the others would take off running towards the prize at a very fast pace and soon burn out. He told me that I might be tempted to run with the crowd as well. But he also told me that if I hold out and pace myself at the right time I can kick it into gear and win the race.

And that is exactly what I did.

The race started and everyone took off. Even my friends. Leaving me trailing behind in last place the entire race. One of my friends kept turning around telling me to hurry up so that I didn't finish last. I heard my father the entire time and, therefore, tuned her out.

I believed him. Pushing truth into the noise of the world.

And just like he said, at the right time, and something in me just knew when that time was, I pushed through and passed every single one of those people infront of me. I came all the way from last place that day to being the winner, with a few seconds to spare between the second place runner. Not just striving, but thriving.

I remember what it felt like when I realized I had won. I couldn't wait to find my dad in the stands. I just knew he would be so proud.

"We did it, dad!"

I don't remember hesitating to believe my dad that day. It was never an option to question his wisdom. I went with what he said... he is my father. he loves me. Why would he want anything less than victory for his daugther? Even if it meant exhorting some effort, increasing some faith, truly trusting and trailing behind at first.

So my father may push a little harder than i'd like to go somedays, but it's only because he knows that victory lies on the other side if only I believe it for myself. He wouldn't push me beyond my limits.

And there in is the truth of our Heavenly Father. He only plants desires and dreams into your heart and soul, and then dares you to believe them because He knows what your limits are and if you just hold out, victory is on the other side. His plans for your life are those that involve abundance, power, prospering, and fullness. Push His truth into the noise of the world. Believe His wisdom. He loves you. Victory. His name is Jesus and it tastes so good. And sister, He believes in you. (yes, you)

Dare to believe it too.

Whatever it may be for you.

For with man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible. So I press on to reach the end of the race and receive the heavenly prize for which God, through Christ Jesus, is calling us. Matthew 9:26, Philippians 3:14

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