Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Where You At?

There's not a lot going on here lately. And by here I don't just mean my blog. When I look down my sidebar to see if anyone has posted it's been about 3-4 days for everybody. What's the deal?

This morning was interesting...

I woke up at 5:30 with a horrible head-ache, but I'm taking some prescription medicine right now and I was too scared to mix any other meds with it without asking my mom first. Therefore, I crawled back in bed with my throbbing head and tried to go back to sleep for another hour.

At 6:40 I got an okay from the madre to pop some pain relievers.

I grabbed a little bag of cookies to eat to get some food in my system, swallowed my pills with some water and then headed up the stairs to finish getting ready for work.

My make-up was a joke. I started to put it on and then after the first two steps I just layed down on the floor.

I decided i'd go ahead and get dressed and run start my car so that (one) it could be heating up and (two) my window would unfreeze. Then, I sat in the living room in the dark until the last possible minute.

Pretty sure I was driving slow all the way to work because every bump or turn felt like I was about to throw up.

When I got out of the car I was ready to strip off my jacket - the cold felt soooooo good.

I walked straight in and told my principal that I just did not think I was going to make it through the day. And..... my shades were still on.

After an hour of being the zombie teacher and scrambling to get sub plans ready, I came home and crawled back in my bed. And I didn't get up until two o' clock this afternoon.

Head-ache was still there to greet me.

And it is still here currently, but my shades are off and there is no vomit. And it definitely helps if I just squeeze my entire head. You think people would find me strange if I walked around like that?

Hopefully, tomorrow will be a different story! (Glad you could join me!! Maybe this is why no one is blogging... or reading this week!)

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CDJ said...

That is EXACTLY what I have had. I thought it was a migraine...even dim lights were WAY too bright and a offered money to anyone who would sit beside me and squeeze my head together at my temples. Nausea was not fun either. Are you feeling better now? I am. Hope you are too, kindred:)