Thursday, April 29, 2010

It May Be The Only Time All Day

Cari is talking about peace over at her place today. I figured i'd sit here for a moment and try to find some kind of peace in my day. It was a bit challenging, but I was determined to find something.

It's reading time and seventeen 5 year olds are sitting in 4 rows on the tiny little space you call, the carpet. You grab a dry erase marker, turn around to find a "helper", and see...

air bubbles in every cheek

heads looking straight forward

hands clasped between their criss-cross apple-sauce legs

straight, stiff backs

and complete silence.



The Roberts Family said...

megan..i know you are a great teacher! You are a natural with kids and I know God is working through you every day! Love you and praying for you!

CDJ said...

I love all the Kinder-lingo! I sure miss seeing you. Thank You, God, for blogger:)

Megan said...

Kate.... I don't know about the whole natural deal, but if you say so then i'll take it. haha.

The prayers are much needed - like you just have no stinkin' idea.

I have so much to learn. We'll leave it at that! :)

And Cari, I miss seeing you too. Thought about you quite often here lately. How is the piano-deal going?