Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Nearing The End

My days now include nap time at 4 pm.

The wise part of me says to hold out until 8 and then crash so that hopefully my body will just eventually catch up, but I give in far more times than not. My very fun friend told me that you're only young once so you might as well embrace the night owl-ness while you can. Sounds like a plan!

You can totally tell that the end of the school year is near; From the extremely wild kids, to the completely worn out teachers. There are 37 days left. And on that note...

I have yet to fill out or send it one stinkin' application.

I know, I know. Tisk Tisk. Slap my wrist.

Someone asked me if I was just avoiding it because I was nervous. And my answer to that question is no. Praise the Lord. God has taught me what it means to trust. I'm sure I have much, much more to learn in that area of my life, but the past year has increased my faith and trust more than I ever imagined.

I'm sure that I will have nerves when I go in for the countless interviews, but as far as being nervous about the outcome of those interviews.... no. To be honest, i'm more nervous about my passion throughout my first year. My performance as a new teacher. But even in that I trust the He will be my renewal each time I need it.

I've prayed about where-ever I will end up next year and know that He has a plan. The district, the school, and the grade level. I trust Him.

I guess i've been so at peace about it that I really haven't worried about rushing into the application process. That sounds absurd because it won't just fall into my lap, but I just honestly haven't thought about it much. Is that odd?

Most districts won't even start putting out their openings until the end of this month and into the summer. Nevertheless, I have got to sit myself down and send in my resume.

The unknown - an opportunity to, once again, trust Him. The God who has a plan; a plan to prosper and not harm me, to give me a hope and a future! To rest in the peace that my life is in His hands. To wonder about all that awaits me in that place.... the relationships, growth, and so much more.

Lord, it's neat to think that You already know what lies ahead for me next year. You know the exact place I will end up; whether it be in this exact town and school, or a completely new setting. I do trust You with that outcome... for You know best. You know my heart and how bad I want a passion for what I do over any amount of money someone could give me. Will You be my passion? Will You be my portion of love for that job every single day? I trust that You will. I love You, Jesus. And I thank You so much for loving me first; for giving Your holy life in place of mine. You are wonderful! You are more than enough! And I absolutely love You! Praise Your name!

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