Thursday, April 22, 2010


Here's what I know and am told...

Do not be anxious.
Do not worry.
Do not be afraid.

These three truths have been applied to my life over and over... almost daily the past few months.
  • When i'm tempted to worry about the future or the past..... I remember His truth.
  • When the what if's and if only's come in.... I remember His truth.
  • When fear or terror tries to consume me.... I remember His truth.
For my God is a sovereign God. An in control God. A God that is far greater than anything that makes me weary or threatens to take over.

And He tells me not to worry, be anxious, or be afraid, but instead be still and know that He is God.

No matter if the situation is your fault, or completely out of your control. My child, do not worry. Do not be anxious about that. Do not fear. For I am God.

Notice that His word doesn't say.... do not worry, unless you really messed up big time. No, it says - do NOT worry or be anxious about ANYTHING. That covers it all people.

Still is a hard place to be. But friend, when you learn how, there is freedom in the surrender.

Next time you feel worry crouching at your door... when you're tempted to back down in fear... when you swear you just might have an anxiety attack.... remember these truths and how there is no UNLESS tagged on to it.

Be Still and Know That He is God.

Lord Jesus, I am so thankful that we can come to You in thanks knowing that You are working something far greater than we can ever imagine. God, so many people need to taste what it's like to be set free from guilt of sin, fear of the future, worry from the if only I hadn't done this in the past and so much more. I am a firm believer that You can lift that burden completely away from us. If we trust that You are who You say You are - completely sovereign - then we must know that our sin may change the quality of our days, but not the quantity. You are God over and in spite of our sin. And if You allow something into our lives, no matter if it's through a choice we made or something else, then You have a plan to use it for Your glory and our good. We are NOT to worry. You can show us what it means to be still and know You. It's not just something we hear about.... it's real. Will You come and change our hearts? We can read Your truth our entire lives and force ourselves to believe it, but until we allow You to come in and transform our hearts our efforts will fail us. Will You be our portion, our peace, our stillness. Will You show us what it means to truly be set free from fear, worry, or anxiety and live in Your freeing stillness. You are faithful, You are good! I praise Your name, Lord Jesus!

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