Sunday, April 11, 2010


We are going through a bible study in the Sunday school class that I attend called One in a Million - A Journey to Your Promised Land by Priscilla Shirer. The focus of this study is on the wilderness times in our lives; An attempt to not only make sense out of them, but also embrace all that He is trying to do in and through them. And then ultimately, let those Truths take root into our lives so that we can be prepared for the next wilderness.

If you believe that our God is sovereign and in control then you have to accept that He allows and even plans these times on our journey here on earth.

Each week women have shared things they have learned and experienced through these times in their own personal walk. Some extremely intimate things have been shared often for the first time in public. It's been wonderful so far.

With all that said, I plan to write a few entries here of the things I have learned. Since the title of my blog is A Beautiful Journey it would only make sense to share my experiences as I travel through life.

Now be warned that some of the situations may not make complete sense to you, nevertheless, each of these situations are important to me and have spoken His truth into my life. I am going to try my best to explain those and all that I felt He was teaching me through them. Sometimes the wilderness doesn't make sense (especially in the midst of it).... but don't be fooled - any step that you take in faith, He will honor.

So here's to taking a huge leap and sharing some personal things from the past year or two of my life...

Lord God, be honored. Have Your way here on this blog. Be in each of the posts and every single word. Speak Your Truth into our lives. Open our eyes to whatever it is that You want us to see and know. If there are things that do not need to be shared, Lord, be sovereign over that. I need Your guidance. You are God and You are good. Praise Your wonderful Holy name.

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