Saturday, April 3, 2010

Ramblings - Edition : Spring Fever

With the arctic blast behind us and spring finally making an appearance I have this sudden urge to make everything fresh, simple, white, airy, and clean; with little splashes of color here and there.

Have you ever found your style?

I don't just mean what looks good to you. I mean what works for you and your family. Because (as the Nester says) what may look appealing to you in a magazine may not be home to you.

Sometimes it's easy to identify, but then there are other times that you simply have to attempt it to find out whether or not something works for you.

So here are a few ideas that i'm planning on trying in my space - the bedroom and bathroom.

(I'm in one of those moods where i'm tired of stuff.... you know, those dangerous moods where you feel as though you might throw EVERY thing you own in the trash. I'm taking deep breaths. And blaming it on spring cleaning.)

I currently have no headboard... just a bed on a box frame. Instead of handing over a big chunk of money for a beautiful dark brown or black sleigh bed i'm loving the idea of a door hung sideways or some old window frames. There are some old shutters in the storage room that I thought about using as well, but i'd need one more section of them for it to be the right width.

The arrangement over my bed is probably my favorite thing in my room right now. The shelf - not so much, but without the hideous legged shelf with a rod running through it the items above it would not be. It'll be a task and a half to see what looks right above the door and/or frames. But I also might totally hate the door/frame.... one won't know until it's up.

There's also not much natural light coming into my room, which completely bothers me. I had a black shower curtain rigged up there all nice and pretty (for me)... and it worked for a few months, but it blocked the little amount of light that actually came into the room. I gave in and took it down tonight.... now my window looks completely bare and I don't know what to do with it. Since knocking a hole in the wall isn't an option i've got to come up with some way to make my room seem like it's getting more light. My lamps are constantly on in the evenings because I like a nice warm, homey feeling. But during the day i'd love the illusion of a little more sun in the room! Any ideas?

Clear jars with fresh greenery from the yard makes me want to inhale. I'll take a bunch of them in different heights on my bathroom counter. Throw in a few white flowers as well. Real ones. Not fake.

Actually, as many live green plants that can survive in a room without much natural light would be brilliant! Yes.

There is something about crisp, clean, fresh, white rooms that gets me. And not on an expensive budget, but creating from things that you currently own or findings in nature. My desire is to incorporate that as much as possible.

So I think my style would have to be warm homey comfy and relaxing... mixed with a cottage beach feel. But I guess we'll find out if it really works for me when I attempt these ideas above....


The Roberts Family said...

just a thought...could you somehow hang a miror that caught the light from your window and bounced light off somewhere else?? Mirrors also can make a room look bigger...i don't know just a thought...also my mother-n-law has a door for a headboard and it is very cool! I should take a picture sometime to show you.

Megan said...

Katy, I have thought about the mirror. It does bring in more light and make the room seem bigger. Right now in order for the light from the window to hit it i'd have to move my bookshelves... don't know how that would work out.

I've thought about somehow using a framed mirror as a headboard as well. So many options. Who knows?

Thanks for your ideas!! Love you!

Meagan Joye said...

You could try white sheer curtains on your window or on either side of the window.

There's an example. I feel like those curtains almost glow, creating more light. I've seen it in other rooms too and it seems to work everywhere!