Friday, May 21, 2010


Yesterday afternoon as we were having our class party my secretary called me out of my class, "Miss Kilgore, can we speak with you for a moment?"

A mother wanted to talk to me about her child.

I stepped into the hallway and had a little "conference" with her and then went back to my party.

My secretary (whom is a very close friend) poked her head back into my room with tears in her eyes.

"You did so good. That was perfect. (grabs my face) Don't you ever for a second doubt that this is where the Lord wants you. Oh my gosh, that was great!"

My eyes filled up with tears as I admitted that i'd never had a parent conference before in my entire life.

Later on that day my secretary told me that this same mother told her that she'd seen so much progress in her child since I took over.


That'll make you want to keep going for quite a while!

God is so good!

Lord, I thank You for how You carried me through this past month of teaching. You've opened my eyes to learn through my weaknesses instead of being hard on myself. I want so bad to be able to differentiate for all of the students in my future class. Keep me aware of the needs of my students and how they are each so different, but give me the wisdom and patience to do what needs to be done for each of them to succeed. You are good.

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