Wednesday, May 26, 2010


The last 10 days with only 7 children has been fabulous! I'm team teaching with another Kindergarten teacher; she is doing Reading in the mornings, i'm doing Math in the afternoons.

I have to admit, i'm such a one-on-one, small group gal.

These children who are my "struggling" students completely shocked me at how well they did on Friday (our first small group day). They felt special because they were the only ones there, they had no one to compare themselves too or distract them from instruction, and I could see skills being mastered that I never knew they were capable of in the first place. Refreshing!

Moving on to other areas of my life....

I have been in a complete funk for about 3 weeks now and i'm not sure why or where it came from. My poor family probably wants to send me packin' because I sure haven't been loving or kind to them.

When I get home in the evenings i'm so worn out and ready to crash; the last thing I want to do is more work. But you can bet on certain days that i'll make time to go for a 3 mile run. Twisted. That's what that is.

I finally made myself clean out my car last night just so I could say that I did something productive with my evening.

Here are the remains of my car:
15 jackets
6 shirts
5 pairs of shoes
2 scarfs
1 backpack
1 purse
1 comforter
And a tub full of teaching supplies.

All that was missing was some food and water and I could've called it my home. Good gracious, you would have thought I was living in there.

Tell me why my classroom is organized yet i'm blind to my bedroom and car? It's tragic.

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