Sunday, May 2, 2010

Simple Woman

For today - Sunday, May 2, 2010

Outside my window... there are cars traveling down the road at an hour that one should be at home sleeping. But who am I to talk?

I am remembering... where I was a year ago today. My phone rang on the friday before graduation offering me a long term sub position for the same school that I would eventually be on staff at a few short months later. A year before that I hit what I thought was rock bottom and placed my future in the hands of the Lord - I trust You. Whatever You have in store is where I want to be. Have Your way... please. Funny how things turn out when we place our faith in Him. He is good - I continue to choose to believe it.

I am thankful for... Jesus. He has changed my life over the past year and i'm begging Him to let those precious moments take root. I never want to forget all that I learned and experienced.

I am creating... lessons and activities for my Kindergarten class.

I am going... to get in the bed here pretty soon... after I pick out my clothes of course.

I am reading... lesson plans, emails, and a bible study that we're going through in Sunday School.

I am hoping... to gain more wisdom when it comes to teaching. Differentiating is hard to do. So many kids on so many different levels with so many different needs. I'm also hoping to experience Him in a clear way on something that's been on my heart.

On my mind... how much I need Him. And long to know Him more.

(oh and the hundreds of things that need to be done this week. somehow i'm sure i'll make it.)

Noticing that... I said you probably wouldn't hear from me much, yet i've typed more than one blog this entire week. I'm pretty sure it's an outlet at the moment. I need to do something other than talk to 5 year olds or plan for 5 year olds.

Pondering these words... Be still and know that He is God.

From the kitchen... yeah, right. I don't even have time to think about the kitchen. Not that I was much help anyways. Shame on me.

Around the house... my belongings are thrown everywhere. It's ridiculous. Really. My classroom is completely organized and neat. I won't leave that room until everything is back in it's place for the next day. Why is my home different?

One of my favorite things... laughter. This year has been filled with more joy and laughter than i've had in a very long time. Yep - that's my favorite! :)

And a picture thought... my childhood friend (pretty much considered sister), Erin, is getting married in August. Oh my stinkin' gosh! Monday night her mother and I made a flying trip up to OBU for a surprise shower thrown by her roommates. I love that girl. I love that place. I love the new friends i've made through her.

Enjoy your week! Jesus loves you - just in case you need a sweet reminder! :)

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