Thursday, May 20, 2010

Last Days

Y'all. I never watch television, much less the intensity that is Grey's, but tonight when I walked in it was on and I found myself stuck there. for two hours. stuck there. for two whole hours.

And it could have been because my body was in shock and completely frozen in my chair... the most intense show i've watched in a while.

Today was our "last" day of school. Summer began at 3 o' clock for students who passed all of the requirements to move on to the next grade level. Those who are either retainees (that's not even a real word - ha) or would benefit from one-on-one instruction were asked to stay for the last 10 days.

I cannot believe that it's almost over.

Graduation went well. I remembered my speech. I spoke slow and well. I didn't forget any kids names and I didn't even have a list. Yes.

I did almost lose my big toe when a child decided to step into my bubble and completely stomp the mess out of it with her dress shoe. Okay, so she didn't mean to, but my toe didn't care if it was on purpose or not in that moment. It stinkin' hurt. My reflexes shot out and wanted to squeeze something, so I very loudly told her to get far away from me before I got too angry. haha. Oh my goodness... it hurt so bad.

Don't worry. After five minutes when the dent in my toe leveled out and I knew that I could speak kindly to her I resolved everything. And let her know she was loved, but to please next time wait until i'm ready. ah.... hurt.

I have a knot. no lie.

So there you have it. My brain is tired and this is the most ridiculous post i've ever written so i'm going to bed. I have a very cool story to tell you guys... later.

Here's to a better post tomorrow, and a wonderful free-from-lesson-planning evening!!

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