Friday, September 3, 2010

For All You Teach-y Personalities

One activity that my kids really like is "bounce it" with our spelling words. And since they like it so much, I figured I would share it with all of you home school moms or anyone who likes to use these kinds of things to reinforce skills at home.

We have different movements that we do (cheer it, bounce it, size it, clap it, snap it, slap it) in order to make as many of our activities hands on as we can.

So far their favorite with spelling is bounce it.

You pretend you're dribbling or bouncing the ball for each individual letter and then you shoot the pretend ball and say the entire word.

bounce - p
bounce - l
bounce - a
bounce - y
shoot - play

I usually put the words on the board (visual), point to one, have them bounce it (hands on), and say it (aural). Covering all the different ways children learn!

And before you go trying to give me all kinds of credit for being creative.... I found this idea in a book. When I read something that sounds fun to me, I steal it. :)

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