Thursday, September 2, 2010

Laughter in my days

I had forgotten how much of a release this whole blog was for me. Thanks, Katy, for the reminder.

After I posted last night, I realized how easy, quick, and refreshing it was to sit here and have a little "me" time.

The other night I was reading a Lysa book again... go figure... and she talked about choosing to be still in His presence no matter how important the items on our To-Do List may seem.

I don't even have to tell you how hard that was for me the past two weeks. Leading up to and getting ready for school it was nearly impossible for my brain to stop and be still. I knew that I needed to, but no matter how hard I tried, I failed. Oh, I longed to just sit and know He was God and simply just be. But it seemed impossible.

This week my soul longed for it even more.... and so I chose to stop.

And each night that I stopped, I was refreshed.

It was hard. I wanted to get up and do things, but my heart wanted to stay there with Him. And the truth rang louder than my anxious thoughts. I knew I needed His refreshment.

And another thing I'm choosing to do is let myself have "me" time. That one is hard to because you tend to lean towards guilty feelings knowing you have so much that needs to be done. But it's so important to still have a life; friends, family, hobbies. And so I choose.

But onto school...

I had my first observation today. AH.

It went well! It took a load off knowing that we started on a good foot. But I want to see more of that teacher even when i'm not being "watched". It's like I kicked it into another gear knowing someone else was in my room.

And to close, here are some funny quotes from my kids:

"Miss Kilgore, he used me as a rock.... to jump over."

(Recess inside because of rain)
"I changed my mind. I want white paper. I'm going to make our missing kid a Christmas card." But, baby, it's not Christmas time. "I know, I want to get him in the mood early."

"Miss Kilgore, do you like weenie dogs?" (as he holds up an orange silly band shaped like a weenie dog) "You can have this. It's for friends." ( And then a big nod as he proceeds to stick it on my arm.)

Gotta love 'em. Sometimes.

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