Tuesday, September 28, 2010

When we were eating supper last Friday night, my mother was looking for a picture in my sister's camera. She found the photo, but couldn't figure out how to zoom and then move up and/or down. She asked me to show her... which i've done many times. And you know what Miss Kilgore said? (It wasn't Megan... it was the teacher.)

"No mam, I want you to physically do it yourself so that you will know how next time."

It wasn't just the words... the tone was very firm.

Sometimes it's really hard to put myself back in park. I've been in gear for so many hours throughout my day (and oooooo especially by Fridays) that sometimes it's really hard to shift back.

I might need to work on that! ha.

Especially in public when children are being completely disobedient. Bite the tongue.

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The Roberts Family said...

lol..i love it! your poor mom! :)