Sunday, October 3, 2010

God's Little Miracle

Last year I posted the story of my sister's birth; when the doctor's said, "there's nothing we can do". It's a reminder every year of the amazing God that we serve.

This year I wanted to post something even more special - a poem my dad wrote for his miracle on her 21st birthday.

God's Little Miracle

Casie Leigh Kilgore was born
on October the third.
At the time of her birth,
no crying was heard.

The doctors were rushing around,
and it didn't take long
for Rhonda to realize
something was wrong.

They took her away
really really fast.
We didn't know how long
our panic would last.

It seemed like forever
as we sat and waited.
Our hopes and joys
were soon deflated.

We were told that our baby
was in trouble;
She had a condition that require
she live in a bubble.

I remember the anger,
the pain and sorrow...
because we didn't know
if she would make tomorrow.

I asked God how,
how He could do this to Rhonda and me.
Rhonda had already lost a brother,
and me, a mother in law to be.

I remember praying with Rhonda
as we lay in bed.
I can't remember what I prayed,
but I remember what He said.

Everything's going to be okay,
as a peace came over me.
I'm in control and in her life
You will be able to see...

My healing power
and answers to your prayers.
It gives Me joy
when you come to Me and cast all your cares.

Take this as a sign
that she has been healed.
I am doing this
so your hearts will be filled.

The sign will be
so subtle and simple;
when she smiles, on her cheek
you will see a dimple.

God did this for a reason,
not that He could show
how good He is, but so that
we would have a testimony and know.

Some would call this a miracle,
some would call it fate,
I know what it is... cause God showed up
and not a minute too late.

I hope that everyone who hears
these words that I speak,
will get a glimpse of God,
the One who is meek.

You see, in all this,
I had to give Casie, the one I loved, away.
And then I realized what God must have felt
when He gave His son that day.

God gives us times of struggle,
It's because He loves us... and He must.
Not that we will hurt,
but that we will know Him and trust.

Thank you God for showing us
how You can take the bad, and make it good.
Forgive us, Lord, for not thanking You
as much as we should.

Bill Kilgore

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