Thursday, October 21, 2010

Flashback Fotos - OBU

We are going to OBU this weekend for homecoming and i'm so excited!! That school will forever hold a special place in my heart and feel like home. Although my time there was short and full of some not so fun things, the Lord has been good. I feel blessed to be able to go back to visit and enjoy my days there despite what went on. So in lieu of homecoming weekend, here are some photos... back in the days before I owned a camera. sad. face.

My best friend and suite-mate, Megan, who I instantly clicked with the moment we met.
Funny Fact : her and her mom walked through the bathroom to introduce themselves to us on move in day and when our moms made eye contact they both gasped and said each others names. Long story short, they went to high school together and were very familiar with each other. Megan's grandmother even lives in my hometown.

We had the same name, both got a perm the summer before coming to college (don't ask) and soon discovered many other ways that we were alike. She is still considered one of my best friends today. I cherish her friendship more than she will ever know; not sure I would have made it through my first year without her being there.

Megans' room mate and my other suite-mate, Kenley. She is smart! haha. She was always studying science things and spent many hours in the lab.

I had the pleasure of singing in Megan's wedding the summer of 09 and now we are blessed to live within an hour of each other! :) Yay! Truly a friendship sent from God. Do you have any of those?

Suite friends reunited after 3 years! That's entirely too long. Just sayin'. We need to fix that.

Mom, Meg, and I on her special day.....
okay, back to OBU...

I was studying music (vocal performance) and this was my studio group. That basically means that we all had the same voice teacher and got together once a week to sing in front of each other, bond, and critique.

Did you know I was in an opera (at the school)?
Pretty sure I blocked it from my memory.
This is Tara, another suite-mate from my time at OBU and a fellow music major.

Those costumes and these photos are tragic. My gracious. Jenna and I laughed each night when we had to put those hideous things on.

oh yeah, the time I decided to chop my hair off... glad I documented that.

My room mate, Lyndsey, and our friend Megan. She was a Junior who took us under her wing and invited us to all her get togethers.

Lyndsey and I at the Shane and Shane concert when they came to OBU our freshman year...

Hanging out at a friends house one evening.

Lyndsey and I are on the bottom row - this was the group of girls who lived on our hall our sophomore year.

Twirp Week - a week where the girl asks the guys on a date! A very fun tradition! This was clearly the formal/dance night.
(Megan, Brittany, myself, Summer)

Hanging out at the table!

The Humane Society in Arkadoo let you adopt a puppy for the day! We did this a few times and I just happened to find a picture of it. That was a fun memory!

And now fast forward, one of my childhood friends, Erin, is attending school at OBU and we go visit as often as we can. These are some sweet friends that i've met through her. We were also all bridesmaids in her wedding! Laura, on the end is the one who I click with the best simply because we both like clothes and shoes and neutrals and yeah :) , but I can't wait to see them all this weekend!

Wish I had more photos to share, but since I don't, how many Megan's were in this post?



Amy Lynn Wentz said...

Can't wait to see you this weekend!! Loved seeing all of your OBU memories! they are such sweet memories to have :)

The Roberts Family said...

hey! i had that same black strapless dress with pink flowers in college! We must have shopped the same stores ;)!