Monday, October 11, 2010

Stepping Out

Have you ever thought about what it is that holds us back from being completely open about our lives? From sharing the parts that we would never let anyone know about?

I had a conversation with a lady at church today about transparency; How so much of our problem is pride. Her journey to that realization and then walking in obedience.

I think she is right on the money.

She talked about how she was at a Beth Moore conference for her book - Get Out Of That Pit - where Beth said, "some of your pits have steeples". And it cut straight to her heart.

She knew she needed to leave her current church and head somewhere else, but taking that step would mean having people talk about her behind her back. Having people question why she was leaving and what the heck she was doing. And so many other reasons that would mean letting her pride completely go.

Yet she stepped out in obedience.... and like always, His freedom and blessing followed.

She is able to speak things at her new church that she didn't feel she had the freedom to share at her old church.

And because she speaks people know she is real. And people are able to pray when she might not have the strength to. And people are able to encourage.

And people know they can go to her and share their struggles.... because she doesn't have it all together. And she isn't perfect.

Isn't that what the church, the body of Christ, is supposed to be about?

I pray that this blog will be a place where you can do just that. Be yourself. No masks. A place where you know that you are not alone in this journey. A place where you are able to share your struggles and know that you will not be condemned, but encouraged and prayed for instead. Because no one is perfect... and for once, i'm not afraid to admit it.

He doesn't allow us to go through any thing that He doesn't plan on using; even those things we tend to hide. He is good.

Jesus, have Your way with this blog. Although it is about me and my journey... may people see and find You in each step. I am not perfect and for some reason, You have placed it upon my heart to be real. And so here I am. I open wide my mouth on these pages of my blog and ask You to fill it with Your words. Some parts may be incredibly ugly and even hard to share, but have Your way.... because I trust that You are good. And what the enemy intends for harm and wants us to be silent about, you will bring into light and use for our good and Your glory!

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