Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Is My Seat Belt Buckled?

Tonight was Parent-Teacher Conference Night.

Definitely weird to be the teacher in that sentence.

It went well, but i'm real tired.

Some of the conversations were incredibly easy, while others left my heart in a slump.

This job is so not easy. I knew that coming in, but man oh man.

It seems as though I have about 50 mentors (and I totally don't mind) and they all shared with me the roller coaster of my first year. Basically a what to expect with my emotions, mental stability and etc.. We have now moved out of the honey moon stage and are in a downhill slope towards coasting and survival.

Documenting this. Filing that. Grading that. Entering that. Creating this. Planning that. Managing that. Re-teaching that. And on...

Just when I think I have it all down I go to a meeting and am told something new i'm supposed to be doing and given the paperwork to document everything that I try.

My brain is so overloaded that I almost don't even feel the stress. It's more of i'm way up in a cloud and not real sure if my brain is even still in tact and functioning. Seriously, have you ever known what you were doing one second and then the next go - why in the world am I in this profession? All of my knowledge is gone and I can't even think/remember what i'm suppose to do next.

Coasting... anyone?

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