Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tiger Tunes

You'll want to scroll down to the bottom and pause the music player so that you can hear these videos. Since I don't have a lot of time to post tonight I figured i'd share some Tiger Tunes with you.

And if you aren't familiar with this wonderful event - it's where the different social clubs at OBU pick a theme, find clips from songs and change the words in order to fit their theme and then put on a big show in order to raise money for future students to be able to come to Ouachita.

It's a really big deal to OBU-ers!

Here is the EEE's show from 2009.... I love this one because it tells a story and flows! Amy and Bethany, who's blog are on my sidebar, are both in this show! Amy is a native and Bethany is the little girl with the speaking part.

And the percussion section from this past weekend. yum! I like a beat, what can I say!

Here is the Eta's show from 2010 - they won the "theme" category on Friday night when we were there.