Sunday, May 29, 2011

What A Weekend

Friday the sister and I were alone since the 'rents went to the Rangers game. We decided to take advantage of no "picky eaters" being along and went to Olive Garden. Which happens once every 3 years. True story.

Saturday I slept incredibly later than I intended to sleep. Not that I had a schedule for the day, I just haven't slept past noon in a very long while. We (the sister, her boyfriend, and I) made a quick trip to the shreve to buy a wedding gift for a friend. Then later that evening I went and hung out with my best friend at work. We ate a blizzard, enjoyed the nice cool weather outside while her children played, and then watched Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure. If your children haven't seen it - it's really a pretty cute, clean movie. The message was good. I thought.

Sunday rolled around, where dad was able to lead worship while our friend (the music minister) went out of town. For some odd reason I skipped my afternoon nap to prepare and finalize the worship/music schedule for Vacation Bible School. Apparently I was on a roll because, next I sat down at the computer to get some things done for school next year. It feels so good to be ahead instead of procrastinating. I don't like to proscratinate when it comes to work and truly i've done a very good job at getting things done early this year, but goodness am I way early with my preparations for next year.

Our principal asked us to pick a college for our classroom theme next year to encourage our students to take their education seriously and kind of pump them up about their future. I'm sure she said some other convincing things that made us agree and join in on the theme. Thus, here we are. I didn't really have a theme last year and was so not about to redo all my curtains and stuff just to decorate for a team. Plus, have I mentioned that i'm so not a sports girl.

Arkansas Razorbacks

There you have it. Black and Red. It totally matches with my current colors and I won't have to change my curtains!!! :) Fab!

(And I know some of you are like why in the world arkansas? I just love Ouachita and it's in Arkansas and most of my friends that I went to school with there were from Arkansas and Razorback fans. Therefore.... so am I. And hello, black and red.)

So keeping with the College Theme I decided to lean more towards the TEAM aspect of it in regards to my classroom. Here are some ideas i've found online and plan on doing in my classroom.

My door will say - Miss Kilgore's Team and each child's name will be printed on a jersey and taped to the door. The "roster", class list, will be hung on the wall beside the door. Above the door it will say - Bounce your way into first grade!

Our school motto is "We learn together. We stick together. We succeed together." So keeping with the TEAM theme and tying it in with our school motto we will combine all of that to say "Teamwork - There is no I in team. We learn together. We stick together. We succeed together."

My classroom behavior system will be in the theme of football. Each child will have their name on a football and will move up and down the scale according to their choices. If they stay on green all day they will have scored a TOUCHDOWN. If they make negative choices they will recieve a penalty and move towards the yellow flag and red flag (I know there is no such thing as a red flag in football, but i'm making one).

We will have a large baseball glove on the wall with ten tiny baseballs waiting to be caught. When we recieve a compliment in the hallway, or something similair to that, we'll add a ball to the glove. When we recieve ten we'll get some kind of class prize (extra recess, pop corn, etc.) It will have the words - Catching Compliments above the glove.

We'll have a Cheers bucket and wall where you can cheer your classmates on by giving them compliments throughout the year!

We will have a MVP of the week so that we can display their amazing work!

Our classroom library corner will be called the Reading Dugout where you can Catch a good book and Hit a homerun when you read!

On the first day of school we will discover all the many topics and skills that we will learn in First Grade. Each student will make 3 goals for themselves for the year and will write those goals on a soccer ball. We'll hang them outside on the wall with the words - Aiming for our First Grade Goals.

When we make a 100 on our spelling test we will get to wear a lanyard that says Homerun Speller. And everyone will get to collect a ring of baseballs that have all the words they have learned to spell correctly all year long.

We will have a Referee hanging on the wall for when we feel the urge to tattle because Miss Kilgore just cannot take it. I don't know why it's so fun to talk to a piece of paper taped to the wall, but it works people. Trust me.

And we will Have a Ball on Our Birthdays!

And before you go thinking i'm so very creative, let me just say that most of these ideas were taken from and others were adapted to fit my theme.

So there you have it! A very productive day! Hope you all enjoy your Memorial Day tomorrow!

Thank You, Lord, for a very productive day and for passion where You have called me! I am nothing without You.

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