Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cinco de Mayo

My kids are just too precious!!! I was bombarded with love and gifts as soon as the bell rang this morning. My crown and other pink attire is from a crazy, fun, girly-girl in my class. I had to wear it all day. The boa was too itchy so it didn't last long. Approximately point five seconds.

I got flowers. a one dollar bill. a build a bear. plenty of hand-made cards. which might I add are the best kind... especially when they say cool as a homey. and I also got.....


Happy 24th Birthday to me! Granny.


Katy said...

Happy BIRTHDAY ! :)

CDJ said...

You need a good granny name. What shall we choose? Elna? Myrtle?

You look fabulous! IdaPearl:)