Saturday, May 2, 2009

Flashback Fotos

I found these pictures on my mom's computer as I was flipping through her files. Definitely time for some... four year flash-back fotos! (idea stolen from Cari)

I must say that was a fabulous hair day. No lie - i've always said this is my favorite senior picture because of my hair. Is that vain?

ahem... sorry.

These were (obviously) taken on the actual graduation day. Hair is a different length and style. Not so much an awesome hair day. Okay, we're done with the hair - promise! Aren't mom's blue eyes so beautiful?
Casie and I - she's grown up so much!

And Karen, in case you were wondering, I really do know Kendra in real life and we are actual friends! Here's a picture for proof! haha! My high school quartet!

Haven't changed a bit, have I? hrm...

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Karen Bickerdike said...

whatever was that comment supposed to mean..."in case I was wondering..." whatever. i forgot mary was in your group. i remember hearing you all sing at a candlelight christmas eve service i think @ central....beautiful. i don't think you have changed that much....maybe using a little less eye marker! u r still beautiful (and have good hair ha ha)