Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Simple Woman

For Today May 5th, 2009

Outside my window... i feel like my answer is always the same for this. Let me think for a second. Got it. The pool guys came and put in a new liner this week; water is slowly rising and should be swimmable (is that a word?) within a few weeks. Mom also bought some plants this past weekend, so the deck is looking very colorful and pretty!

I am thinking... that I love my job for the next month. I'm so excited about it. Today was so much fun!

I am thankful for... a soveriegn God who supplies all my needs.

From the learning rooms... NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING! YES! Sunday afternoon I kept thinking I was forgetting something, but then I remembered 'NO CLASS'! haha!

I do have to take a test on Thursday in order to apply for the Teacher Certification Program. If you think about it i'd greatly appreciate your prayers.

From the kitchen... the table is full of all the goodies we bought tonight. We spent the evening in Longview celebrating my birthday. I got to choose the restaurant and every other place we visited tonight. There is a new store that I knew my mom would love so I wanted to go there. We each got a new t-shirt (with scripture and cool designs) and they're super cute! Maybe i'll post pictures later.

I am wearing... my pink Rock Of Ages T-shirt; O come, let us sing unto the LORD, let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation. Psalm 95 Some comfy shorts, house shoes, and hair in a pony tail.

I am creating... absolutely nothing. I have an hour and a half during the day where I sit at the front desk at school and check in visitors. It can get pretty boring sitting there with nothing to do. It's smack dab in the middle of my day. What a perfect break! I'm creating a new habit to read my bible during that time. (Which reminds me of a t-shirt my mother has that says 'Arrest me. I prayed at school today.')

I am going... to post this prayer request from another blog. Mckmama wrote a new entry where she invited all the readers to share a need/prayer request if they had one. She is going to personally pray for every comment that was left. She challenged those who left comments to pray for the person who commented directly above them. The lady just before me said this, Please pray for D and H, who have been told they will never have a child of their own, and also for R and M who's baby boy was a victim of SIDS, and that was followed by three miscarriages. Both couples are in great need of prayer. If you feel lead, lift them up also.

I am reading... my new Purpose Driven Connection magazine that my sister bought me for my birthday. It has a small group bible study DVD that comes with it - I wonder if it's any good? The Psalms. And one of these days i'll finish Heaven is Real by Don Piper and Waking the Dead by John Eldridge.
I am hoping... to increase in my knowledge, intimacy, and faith with Christ.

I am hearing... the news on tv; they are currently talking about sports - BORING.

Around the house... Mom and Dad have gone to bed. Casie came in this evening for all the bday festivities so she'll be spending the night here. I'm about to call it a night also.

One of my favorite things... hearing all the interesting things the kindergarten students say to me. I had to pull students out one by one again today and ask them questions about their favorite things for a book the teachers are putting together.

One 5 year olds favorite TV show is The News. Poor Thing. She has no life.

Another boy has zero interest - What is your favorite song? nothing favorite book? nothing favorite toy? umm nothing, oh my sisters toy. I felt like I was talking to myself. haha!! I wanted to tell him, "sweety, do yourself a favor and choose something YOU LIKE for yourself. Just make a decision."

And the answer that melted my heart was from a little boy who needs special attention. He can be a little overwhelming and is extremely hyper all the time, but I can't help but love him. When I asked him what his favorite song was he sat up real straight and popped out, "Jesus loves me".

A few plans for the rest of the week... working the rest of the week 7:30 - 3:30 each day (except Thursday), Adult choir on Wednesday, visiting a friend who teaches 2nd grade in Jefferson on Thursday morning, Test Thursday afternoon and then picking up some kids at 3. I think I might want to see a movie this weekend - i haven't done that in a while.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you... a few weeks ago I had no money in my wallet... and I'm too terrified to take any out of my savings. The rod that is supposed to be up to hold my curtain is missing, so I had to improvise and RIG it.Zero money to buy a rod, zero money to buy a curtain - I used ribbon and my old shower curtain from the dorm life. I can't believe it's held this long. It's starting to droop, haha!

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Alexis said...

Thank you so much for your sweet comment. I, too, will be praying for you.

Happy Birthday a day late.