Sunday, May 17, 2009

Simple Woman's Daybook

For today Sunday, May 17, 2009...

Outside my window... mom got some new cushions and pillows for the chairs out on the deck - the flowers were a little droopy last week, but were in full bloom last night. I can't wait to spend the summer days out there. So pretty!

I am thinking... these shoes are super cute. They look so stinkin' comfy.

I am thankful for... being able to work at the same place as my mom. We save gas by riding together everyday. I never thought i'd be working at the same place as my mother, let alone a SCHOOL. It's been a good experience.

From the learning rooms... I'll be sending off all my certificate information this week and then we'll wait to see what happens next. I think i'm more excited about seeing God work through it all than the actual process coming along.

From the kitchen... Casie, Meagan, and I cooked dinner Thursday night. And I know that that was 4 days ago, but it sounded better than saying, "there are dirty dishes, floor needs to be swept, counters are cluttered, etc..." We had scrambled eggs, toast, bacon, and banana nut bread. It's so fun to me to cook for someone else. I'm still in the stage where I love to cook - hopefully it won't ever die.

I am wearing... blue 'testify' t-shirt, black trash bag shorts, pink moccasins, hair down, lil' make up.

I am creating... nothing. I was creating a consistent, very disciplined work out routine, but mom has advised me not to work out today because i'm sick. Today is day 9 - I so wanted to be able to complete this 30 day SHRED in 30 consecutive days.

I am going... to post this prayer request (from Mckmama's blog - Not An Island post) and ask that you pray over it as you read - Today I found out my husband has been having an affair. We have two little ones and I'm holding it together for them, but inside I'm done in. It's a little late, but please, please pray for us. Marriage is not a temporary thing to me. Two hours ago I would have said he felt the same way. Now I don't know.
So many women were honest enough to share what they were struggling with in the comment section of this post that Mckmama left; i'm going to post a request left by random women each week until I feel that I need to stop. If you feel lead pray also.

I am reading... still reading the same books as the past few weeks - don't know when i'll get around to finishing those.

I am hoping... to be open and honest with the Lord, let down any walls that could possibly be up, and move on towards victory.

I am hearing... Mercy Me playing on Casie's computer as she surfs the web. And China crunching on her 'supper'.

Around the house... well, as you just read, China is finishing up her dinner, mom is preparing ours, casie and I are catching up on E-mail/facebook, and dad should be home in the next hour.

One of my favorite things... decorating magazines, tv shows, blogs, etc. I really love the parade of homes they have twice a year - being able to walk through peoples homes and get ideas - LOVE IT!

A few plans for the rest of the week... working everyday this week at school, music appreciation dinner on Wednesday, possibly hanging out with a friend, and then we'll see....

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you... one of the flowers mom planted on the back deck. I took a few pictures the other day just messing around with my camera. I love how it's slightly blurry!

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