Saturday, May 30, 2009

Personally I function better in the evenings. It's almost like this second wind hits me and I can accomplish more in one hour than I could have done throughout the whole day. All that to say, I stayed up late last night which resulted in me sleeping in til' noon. During the week I'm up before the sun even appears so staying up past the midnight hours isn't even an option. I wish I could say that I got a TON of work done towards the Garage Sale today, but sleeping through half the day kind of ruined that.

First, I need to stop and admit that I was wrong about something. I mentioned in my daybook that we could 'count dad out' when it came towards the garge sale, but to my surprise while I was sleeping the morning (or day - you decide) away he was hard at work. He went through his shop and decided out of 'his stuff' what he wanted to sale. Then him and mom cleaned out the shop so that we could set up some stuff in there and have more space for the garage sale. They even built a rack to hang clothes on.

Honestly, i'm a little nervous about this garage sale. I'm frightened that it's going to be more of a 'garbage sale'... but mom keeps reiterating the 'someones junk is someone elses treasure' saying.

We'll see.

There are times when i'm going through all of our 'things' and i think - Who is coming to this sale? Will they completely freak out if they know I owned this? What about that article of clothing? Maybe I shouldn't put that out. It's like everything about the past few years (or all 22 years of your life for those of us who have never had a garage sale) are out there in the open for everyone to see. I'm not gonna lie, it's kind of nerve racking.

What's really sad is that when I completely emptied out my closet and went through every piece of clothing that I own, the garage sale pile looked like a seperate persons closet. I did not realize how many clothes I had.

Here is my main thought towards garage sales....
always check your siblings (or any other relatives)
for sale pile because they just might sneak something of yours into it

Like that beautiful lime green shirt that you haven't worn in over a year, but you swear you love. :) haha! And I know you're thinking, 'hmm Megan, I'm pretty sure i've never seen you in lime green because you wear the same black shirt to every event that you attend' .... And i'd have to say, Hello it's nice to meet you, this is the new bright 'n cheery Megan who welcomes all colors into her life!

We went out to eat tonight as a family and shopped a little as well. Dad was in a really really goofy mood. I don't think many people see that side of him. He really can be funny sometimes - tonight was definitely one of those nights. It seemed like we were all laughing throughout the whole night. I enjoyed the time spent with my family tonight! (maybe it was the colorful shirt I had on instead of my normal nuetral? KIDDING!)

We encoutered a first tonight - while we were eating at a certain restaurant the cops came in and announced this....
We hope you are enjoying your meal, but we do need
everyone at this time to get up and exit the resaurant. I repeat, we need everyone to exit the restaurant right now.

Appearently someone called in a bomb threat with a muffled voice. Obviously they weren't too worried because everyone was standing right outside the door of the restaurant. If there was truly a bomb the 5 foot distance from the front door would not have saved us. Just saying!

Well i'm off to do some garage sale work before I go to bed! I'm pretty sure i've said Garage Sale a total of 50 times through out this post. Good night!

Thank you Father for being in control even when my life seems out of control. I thank you that while i'm still a sinner with junk in my life, You do everything in your power to pursue me and empty me of what does not need to be there. I'm overwhelmed by your faithfulness and your soveriegnty. Will You please continue to work in my life? Bring me to a true knowledge of who You are, what You've done, and all that You are capable of. I want to love You with all that I am!

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