Saturday, May 2, 2009

A New Beginning

To be honest I wasn't really looking forward to this day. Mom wanted me to walk across that stage really bad, so I was really doing it for the family more than for myself. But I have to admit - participating in that ceremony today brought more joy and peace to my soul than I ever imagined. Just for a moment I needed to rest in that!
There is something about ending one chapter of your life and beginning another. It's like this excuse to start over brand new. And that's exactly what I need right now in my life. The college experience wasn't enjoyable for me - not like everyone said it would be. But that's only because I wasn't prepared spiritually for what was ahead. I have a Savior who makes ALL things new, despite what you did yesterday (even if yesterday is the past 4 years). And even when you take the easy road and major in something very broad, He opens doors and gives you second chances. Just because that's who He is.
So today i'm 'Being Still and Knowing He is God'.

It never even crossed my mind that I would get emotional today. As I walked down that aisle with the Brass Quintet playing I was caught off guard by the rush of emotions that came over me. Scanning the crowd for familair faces was not an option - that increased the tears. Today has been a great day! And since Papa Bill never got to experience graduation for himself, I let him wear my cap for a moment. Whose idea was it to create that sort of hat anyways?

Thank you, Lord God, for new beginnings. Thank you for simply being You.

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