Friday, September 19, 2008

From Our Home

Just felt like sharing what's going on around our household. This has been one busy busy week, and i have a feeling the rest of the semester is going to be very similar.

Brandon and his girlfriend left last night to go to her home town for a dentist appointment. The dreaded wisdom teeth removal surgery appointment! That's a mouthful right there. Try to say that fast! They are spending the weekend with her family and coming back on Sunday evening.

Casie has gone to West Texas to visit her boyfriend at Texas Tech. It's family weekend and Mrs. Becky (his mother) invited her to go along... unannounced to Jordan. It's a TOTAL surprise! She called me about an hour ago to let me know they had made it safely. Jordan came to the hotel to meet his mom and when he knocked on the door, Casie answered! SURPRISE!!! He had no idea! Good Job, girls!

Mom, Dad, and I are going up to the Civic Center to help serve dinner to the Evacuees tonight. What an exciting thing! I've never done anything like this before, and honestly i've never seen my parents be apart of this type deal either. I was shocked when they called to ask me to come along. I have so much stuff that i need to do, but i didn't want to pass up this opportunity.

Tomorrow evening Cari and I will be going over to Louisiana to lead worship for a Women's Ministry. If you think about it say a little prayer for us. I have never done this before. I've sang in concerts all my life, but never have i stood up infront of a group of people and lead worship. I want it to be genuine, nothing rehearsed, nothing for show. I am pretty nervous about it.

I have 4 tests, a group presentation, and a book report all due next week. And that's just school! I think the Lord is teaching me how to balance and manage things.

When you pray for something, you better get ready for all that is about to come your way.

I thank you Lord for who You are. Help me to grasp even the tiniest bit of who You are, all You've done for me, and how much Your love me. Take me deeper with You Lord. I pray for my family. You know each of our schedules, but beyond that You know what's going on inside our hearts, Lord. Bring clarity, be our light and guide us through this time. I pray over the service tomorrow. That You will help me to forget about everything else that is going on in my life... that i will get up on that stage and truly be in Your presence and worship You. Thank you for Cari, and her patience. I lift her up to you also. Prepare our hearts for You. I need Your forgiveness, I need You so desperately in my Life. I love You Lord.

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