Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I mentioned in an ealier post that i was taking a class called Youth/Single Adult Ministry. Right now we are focusing on the Youth part. I skipped class on Monday because my stomach hurt... bad day to skip.

He revealed to us that we have a group project coming up - next week actually.

Not only that, but we got to choose our topic and our groups.

Since i wasn't there i got the joy of being randomly placed into a group. Once again, don't know any of these people. The project is due next Wednesday a week from today.

After Adult Choir i came home and worked (thought) through some of the next songs we are singing in MP3 (children's choir). I need to start working on more than one song a week. It may seem simple now, but I don't want something to slip up on me and be behind. I felt the need to prepare tonight, so i sat and thumbed through the book. Even penciled in some things.

As i was finishing up with that i remembered this group project... once again, i remind you, is due NEXT Wednesday. I suggested that we all get each others emails, search the web, find information, report it to each other, then divide up how we want to present it. Did i say there are 2 girls and 3 guys in this group? Without the girls nothing would have been planned. I would love to give the other girl credit, but i never even heard her say one word. Think God is giving me opportunities to step up?

anywho moving on... I found a website that was quite helpful and interesting. It had lots of information.

Our topic is Movies/TV Shows. We are to present what our Youth are watching these days. He has given us a 20 minutes time slot. I'm thinking we could pull up some top 10 list and that'll take about 60 seconds and we'd be done... not sufficient for him. Appearently we have to be creative and put more thought into this.

This site was GREAT. It filled my head with so many ideas. Hopefully now we will be able to spread it out to fill more of the 20 minutes that he has given us. And hopefully i will not just take this as a group project/assignment due for school, but i will write it on my mind and heart to remember when i have children. We need to care. We need to be aware of what they are doing, what they are watching. They will model whatever is going in... whatever is being fed to them...

I came home from school today and dad was watching Andy Griffith. This is a daily thing for him. Mom and I sat down and watched it also. I'm thinking that's a pretty good show... :)

This is totally irrelevant, but just felt like bloggin.

Off to bed. Hope you have a fantastic day, night, or whatever follows when you read this. haha!

As for me - Good night!

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