Monday, September 15, 2008

Go Away Ike

Friday afternoon we were sitting around the house waiting for the Hurricane to hit. Pretty much every conversation for a while was geared toward the storm. What is going to happen? How much damage? What do we do to prepare? Should we go volunteer with the Evacuees? How long is this going to last? etc...

Mom, Dad, and I were in the living room talking - i had to relay this to you... it was just too good to pass up! Listen to what was said.

Mom: "You would think with technology now days we could do something to stop it."
Dad just shakes his head.... "and what do you have in mind?"
Mom: "well, with how technically advanced we are, you would think we could shoot rockets at it to break it up."
Up to this point her arguement was pretty convincing, but don't be fooled... yes, technology is very advanced now a days... as soon as that last sentence came out i realized how RIDICULOUS this conversation was and how silly my mothers thinking was...
Me: "Mom, seriously? You can't stop a storm. It's not just like the ocean decided to make some huge waves and come on land all of a sudden. It's the wind, and everything else coming together in a way that creates all this."
Mom: "That's exactly what your dad said."
Me: "I see where i get my thinking from."
This is one of those moments that is just too funny to pass up. I run upstairs to tell Brandon. This is his response.
Brandon: "O my gosh. That's like, Let's get 2 helicopters and tie a big tarp to it and fly towards the wind to hold it back."
Me: " And i see where Brandon gets his thinking from."
I know he was only kidding, but the fact that he came up with it THAT fast shows you it was in there somewhere.

Poor Poor Momma! She tries so hard sometimes!

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mary carol said...

hahaha..this made me smile :)