Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I'm a Pharisee

Mom and I have finished painting the bathroom as of about 20 minutes ago. It turned out to be a little darker than we were expecting, but we don't feel like redoing anything.... so it will stay the way it is! If it were up to me (and if it were MY house) i would like to paint the cabinets white and get new knobs, towel racks, etc. I'm a matchy matchy freak. The brown-ish color all the walls just doesn't look good to me with the brown cabinets. It's not my house though, i will be leaving soon enough, so i need to learn to deal with it. Now that we have finished with the paint, i can REALLY start looking at decorations and even buying things. YAY YAY YAY... say it with me - YAY!

I added a new blinky button thing on the side bar to the right :

It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful. -The Nesting Place

I've had The Nester on my list of blogs that i like to visit for a few weeks now. She's so creative and i love it. Also, she updates her page almost every single day so it gives me something to do... when i should be doing other things. She loves to decorate, but calls herself a lazy perfectionist. She doesn't sew things, she doesn't hem her curtains, she hangs things higher than they are supposed to for many different reasons... some for the eye sake, some for technical sake, you get the idea. She even has this thing that she calls Window Mistreatments. Instead of Window Treatments - following all the rules, fixing them perfectly and how they SHOULD go, according to the professional decorators and what not, she takes short cuts and blah blah blah - hints the Mistreatment of the windows. Actually she mistreats a lot of things in her home (decorating wise). Basically she breaks the rules.

A friend and I went on a walk yesterday. I had been thinking through some questions that i wanted to ask him. Since i have spent majority of my time with him, i figured he knew me more than any other person in the world. I wanted to know something i needed to work on as a person specifically.

"What are some things that i need to work on, deal with, whatever?"

As friends we are suppose to sharpen each other, spur one another on in love and so on.... I guess that's what i wanted. I wanted to (as Cari would say) stick my pride in my pocket, hear what he had to say and learn how to fix it. I guess i just want to love more, be a better friend.

It didn't take him long to think of something... actually a matter of seconds and words came spitting out of his mouth. :) haha! (thank goodness i was prepared!)

Too Legalistic.

After i got him to define the word and give an example, we were good to go.

Definetly right on track with that statement. That's me.

"Like the Pharisees" he said, "you're worried about all the rules."

I asked him to give me an example of where i've done this in my own life. Not because i don't believe him, i'm right on track and totally believing it. But because i'm a detailed person. I learn better with examples and plenty of details... more than enough details. You can't overload me with details - i need them dudes! Okay i said details 4 times!

Anyways, he quickly thought of an example - i must really really be legalistic because he didn't have to think long. :( He shared it with me, and i was like... "oooohh, mmm, uhh yeah!"

I won't share the story because there are people involved, but i can share the part after - he asked me why i felt the way i did, or why i was worried about this issue. My answer was because i guess i think of everything as a motive. I so didn't word that right. What i'm trying to say is this, when i do something i try to figure out what my reasoning or motives are behind it... if they aren't good then i shouldn't be doing it. Hopefully that makes sense.

So i guess in turn i'm very judgemental on people. I expect a lot from them. Not on purpose, but maybe because that's how i am with myself.

This isn't going anywhere. I guess i just really liked the conversation. I loved communicating and being completely okay with someone pointing out my flaws. I want to be able to face them head on, to admit them to myself, and then find a way to deal with them. I think we need friends like that - friends who can be honest with us and we in return not get our feelings hurt. I think like scripture says we should learn to sharpen each other, instead of getting hurt when someone points something out. We should spur one another on in love and good deeds.

Sometimes it's hard for us (as individuals) to see what it is that we are doing wrong. We need people to help us realize and become aware of some things in our lives. Majority of the time they see it before we do. I just want a friend that will be kind enough to share it with me so i can learn to fix it - and hopefully i can be that kind of friend to them also. Not in a judgemental way, but us being on the same page and both wanting to work on things!

I'm going to shut up now.... i'm not making sense. I'm totally stressed out and have way to many things planned on my schedule right now. I've never been this busy. Good night!

And remember - It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful. Don't worry about all the rules and following things to a T... just love people, exactly where they are!

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